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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Etta the Meerkat Visits – With BIG News!!!

There is excitement abound at LamaWorks this week with the arrival of Etta the Meerkat.  Etta is making a journey around the world to tour the workshops and cities with different members of the Etsy Treasury Team.  She started her journey in England where she was born, with Heather of NiftyKnits.  Since then she has visited Jacqueline of  Mozo in Oregon, Jeannie of Beadstylin in Kansas, and both  Mary Ann  of LindenAvenueDesigns and Lindi of Lindesigns and Lindenleafstudios in Texas.  Today she arrived to spend some time with me in good old Quincy, IL!

First on the agenda was to make sure she was friends with Luke, our ferocious Puggle. 


“Mom??  What is this thing?”


“I’ll give it a sniff ….”


“I guess we can be friends ….”


“Mom??  Can I go back to bed now?”

Success!  Friends they are as I knew they would be.

Etta couldn’t have arrived at a better time because I had a LOT of work to do!  Wedding season has begun and I’ve got the task of making 450 bud vases this week!  I definitely needed some help. 

We cut paper, scored it, printed out the bride to be’s wedding logo and cut the holes for the vases.


Etta tried and tried to help me glue the last batch of them together, but I’m afraid the glue stick was just a little to big for her. 


The vases were just her size though, so we made a great team getting the final assembly ready to go.


With the last of them packed up and ready to ship – I’d say we had a pretty successful day – Thanks Etta!

Day two in the shop Etta and I spent working on some new stationary.  I just got a shiny new Cricut cutting machine a few weeks ago and just loved the images that I was able to get from it so we decided that today was the day to put them together into stationary!

Which one is your favorite Etta??


The bird?


The Leaves?


Maybe the bird on the branch?


No wait!  The owl for sure!!


Etta’s vote??  Her favorite was the delicate butterfly – good choice Etta!  Wait a minute … I know all of those cards are blank on the inside, but I think that one says something on the inside.   Hey Etta – What does it say??


That’s right!  The girl behind the lama has a baby on board!!! We are so excited about the news!!  We just had our first Dr’s appointment today and all is going well.  I am about 12 weeks along and our little bundle of joy should arrive around August 25th!  Our ultrasound showed a little jumping baby that wouldn’t sit still, arm and legs moving all over the place.  Mom and Dad fell in love at first sight for sure.

I definitely can’t top that, so as sad as it may be, I packed Etta up with her treasures from along the journey including her favorite stationary from LamaWorks and she is off to the next leg of the journey to visit  Jaci at BytheWay.

Thanks for visiting Etta!!
Until the next time …
The girl behind the lama – plus one!

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