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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Featured ETTeam Member: NiftyKnits

Let's meet another member of the Etsy Treasury Team!

Here is more about niftyknits!

What’s the story behind your store, where did it all start?

I learnt to knit when I was about 10, I think - I can remember knitting Barbie clothes! I had a lot of time off sick last year and started knitting again as a stress-reliever. My son's girlfriend told me I should think about selling on Etsy...and here I am!

What can we find in your store?

My tag-line used to be "You name it, I'll knit it" and I think that says it all (except I now crochet as well!) I don't usually knit clothes, I prefer smaller projects. So far I have made Morris Dancers, pots of flowers, jewellery, sweeties, juggling balls, toys and even some gloves and scarves.

Do you have any favorite items?

I love the Morris dancers. I started to make them to sell at a Folk Festival, I would not have believed (before I started) how detailed each team's kit is!

Where do you get ideas for your products?

Sometimes it's the wool. I was given some mohair a little while ago, and it's been sitting looking at me until yesterday, when I realised it needed to be made into hearts. Other times it's nature - my fuschias came into being after planting several in the garden.

What has been your biggest store challenge?

Promoting! I've tried blogging, twitter, facebook, myspace...but it's so hard to stay on top of it all! I don't need telling to spend time in the forums, though.

Do you have any advice to other store owners, especially newbies?

My advice is just keep going. It takes a while to get noticed, you can't just fill your shop and wait for the buyers to come flooding in. List frequently, little and often to get maximum exposure. Make treasuries, make friends, network network network.
Thanks so much for the interview! Don't forget to leave a comment for Heather and check out niftyknits today!
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mary jane said...

great feature!

Angie said...

Nice interview. I enjoyed it!

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Heather, it's been great seeing your treasuries and new designs. You have such fun items in your store. It's funny how just a little thing -- picking up a craft again after some years, and a suggestion to sell on Etsy -- can have such an impact, isn't it? Wonderful interview, Laurie.

niftyknits said...

Thanks for interviewing me - I'm loving being a member of the ETTEAM family :-)I have a couple of entries in a competition this coming weekend, why not pop over and place a vote at ??

kim* said...

great review!

l'actrice said...

It's so great to learn more about Heather!
I can see how much fun and joy she has with her designs! Great interview Laura:-)



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