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Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome little flowers!

When something new comes into the shop, I rarely can take credit for the idea.  I have a lot of people that come to me and say, “Hey I really like product X, can you make it but change XYZ??”.  Thus the birth of a new product for the shop.

This new one comes with many thanks to my sister-in-law. For Christmas she really wanted a knit ear warmer headband with a flower on it.  Not something I carry in the shop, but I can work with that right?

Well the ear warmers are coming soon, but the flowers have premiered today!  I used some more great yarn from Knit Picks that comes in … get  this … over 80 colors!!!  Knit up some petals … sew them together … add on some beads and voila!  A super cute flower pin! 

IMG_1751 IMG_1747  IMG_1742

Now available with free shipping to all of you blog readers!  By the way, I have to share … I received an order earlier this week and she mentioned that she loved my blog and it really made my day.  I always love reminders that more than just my family read my blog :)

Until the next time …
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myLovies said...

Those are great Laura!

ZaftigDelights ~ KnitzyBlonde said...

Hi Laura, your flowers are adorable! I am a big fan of KnitPicks too. I love their yarns and I knit everything on Options needles. Love your blog!

Sandie (Etteam)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Pretty flowers :) The jeweled centers look beautiful!

Melissa said...

Just another marketing idea...this is a cute/fun way (with so many color options :) to support the cancer fighters/survivors in your life. I actually bought my Grandma a black knit flower shortly after my diagnosis...and she LOVES it!


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