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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eat, Sleep, Poop

It really is like watching paint dry, being in the hospital.  Eat, sleep, poop, wait.  Later, rinse repeat.

We were promptely kicked out of the CICU on Saturday and the change was incredible.  One day we were in the ICU, poor Logan had so many tubes in him that he had his arms teathered to the bed to keep him from tearing anything out.  By Saturday afternoon everything had been removed and that list included - his nasal canula of oxygen, catheder, 3 chest drains, a line in his corated artery, and two lines in his wrist.  The only things that remained were the feeding tube, pace maker leads and his monitoring devices, which all were there just in case.

We went from not even being able to hold him, to being almost 100% on our own.  Within hours we were changing his diapers, breastfeeding and putting him into regular clothes.  Nurses were coming to check on him every 4 hours instead of every single hour.  The change was amazing.  How he could be that good to go just 48 hours after surgery rather amazed me, but he's been doing great!

We've really enjoyed watching his personality come back.  Each day brings along more smiles and even a few giggles.  Yesterday they pulled out the pacer wires and the feeding tube.  We had a chest x-ray, EKG and echo.  Now we wait.  And wait.  We literally watch him sleep.  I think the only thing keeping us here is weight gain.  He lost a few grams the first night in the cardiac step down unit and he did gain some back yesterday, but we aren't sure if it's enough.  Everything else is good to go.  It is the one and only thing keeping us here.  Sigh.

We are holding up, but are a bit fragile at this point.  I'm pretty sure I almost killed Andrew this morning because he got to go sleep in a nice comfy bed with our host family, complete with clean clothes and a shower, while I spent the night with our new  roommate.  He accidentally took my pjs home with him and then returned this morning having lost my one clean shirt.  I am currently wearing the shirt that I wore a few days ago that was wadded into a ball in a bag and the pants that Logan threw up on two days ago because I have no other pants with me.  Home seems so very close, yet so very far away.

While boring, our stay on 7W has brought on some more fabulous nurses that I wish I could be friends with in real life.  We have also discovered a few new restraunts and officially never want to have to eat at Applebees ever again.  We miss Jake terribly and absolutely cannot wait to go home.  We are waiting on doctors to round and give us the scoop and you can bet we'll fight our case to get out of here ASAP!!
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