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Thursday, September 25, 2008


I had my first sale!!!

I'm a little late in posting it because I've been out of town for it seems like endless weddings and business trips, but I'm happy to report that I made my first sale! I was so surprised to have a custom order for my strawberry hat. She was using it for a photo shoot, and I must say that it looked pretty darn cute (photo courtesy of

I just had my second sale a few days ago too! It seems like the bud vases are the hot item in my store (note to self). They have more hits and people marking it as a favorite than any other item in my store. To date I've had 4 people contact me about orders for their weddings. I'm still working on designs for a few, but I had my first order for 300 vases over the weekend. 300!!! So needless to say, I've officially bought 3 Michael's Craft Stores out of white embossed card stock, but I think they're OK with that :)

Now the work begins!

Until next time this is ...

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