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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Library Adventures

I must admit that once I hit high school and college, going to the library just didn't have the same excitement and mystery that it did in my childhood. Going to the library meant studying which meant that I was either writing a paper or studying for a test or trying to write the book that would become my thesis.

As a kid, my nose was always stuck in a book. Baby Sitter's Club, Saddle Club, Nancy Drew, horse books, card game books, choose your own adventure. Yet at some point the magic of living in an imaginary world was gone. Growing up kind of ruined it!

Since finishing school, although it's taken some time, I think I'm back to being a kid again. I enjoy reading for the pleasure of being taken into another world, one filled with mystery, enchantment, and history. I love to read a good love story, a historical fiction novel where I can actually learn a bit about the things I should have learned in high school. I feel like a tween all over again when I can get pulled into Harry Potter or Twilight.

I'm happy to realize that now at 28, I'm back to the girl I was 15 years ago. I love going into the library and looking around at all the books. Sure, I've never heard of most of them, but who am I to say that they aren't any good? I love to pick a book at random that has a title that catches me and just sit and read. I love getting up on Saturday morning at 7 am before the whirl of activity starts, grab a cup of coffee and sit out on my deck with a new book. Sure, by 9 or 10 the neighbors dogs start barking, the other neighbor is mowing his lawn and without fail all the kids in the neighborhood are outside screaming, but for those 2 precious hours .... the world is mine.

This morning I did just that. I left my husband passed out in bed and I curled up on our deck with our dog (whom I must include a picture of) and my cup of coffee and started reading Pope Joan. It is a story about a girl growing up in the 850's who is trying to break all the rules. She is smart and determined to be anything but a typical girl. She is a legend of history and her actual existence is unlikely, but I think it really speaks to the culture of the time and is a great example of faith.
So go out today and enjoy a quiet moment for yourself in whatever it is that you like to do.

Until the next time ...
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Pamela Zimmerman said...

good for you. there is not much more satisfying than a good book. Did i miss it? did you tell us what you are reading now?

Pamela Zimmerman said...

oh, pope joan...don't know that one, but will look it up...i am due to go to the library, too!

kim* said...

the library can really be fun :)

Jaci said...

My neighbor told me about this book - she grew up Catholic and absolutely loved it! I love reading, too. The library is such a treat - and such a deal!


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