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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh the Life Before Kids ...

I love my kids, especially in light of recent events, but do you ever miss your life before kids?  Do you ever wish you could have it back just for 10 minutes?

Lets set the stage.  It's dinner time.  A and I prepared a lovely steak dinner with some lovely vegetable sides courtesy of the plethera of vegetables we have been getting from our local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture - more on that later!)  I was so excited about the cucumber and watermelon salad.  Very refreshing with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and some Parmesan cheese.We just sit down to eat.  Jacob poops and needs a diaper change.  He comes back and starts throwing a fit - literally.  He doesn't want steak, he doesn't want the pasta and it is pure torture to eat the cucumbers.  Only the watermelon will do but not with the "ickies!" mixed in - AKA parmesan cheese. Food starts to get thrown, the plate gets overturned, the dog gets hit with a fork, then a sippy cup.  Andrew is jumping up and away from his dinner to stop the throwing.  All of this happens to the tune of "MELON!!!!!  MELON!!!!  NO CUMBER! YUCKY!!!" {Translation - Watermelon is good, cucumbers suck, parmesan cheese does not belong on watermelon. 

You might feel sorry for Andrew in all of this, but what is happening at the other side of the table?  Logan has woken up and is screaming.  First off he is hungry, but then he gets the hiccups, which for a baby that just had open heart surgery - makes him really, really mad.  I quickly cut up my food, and end up nursing while eating, multitasking at its finest.  There I am with my shirt half off, boppy and baby on my lap sitting 2 feet from the table trying really hard not to drop pasta on poor Logan. 

In that moment, I yearned for the past.  A quiet dinner for two.  We enjoyed every bite, glass of wine included.  There was conversation, maybe a little music.  Dinner continued on the back deck, wine in hand.  Life was easy, luxurious even.  Relaxing.  Quiet. Very, very quiet. 

But the moment passes as quickly as it came as I hear this tiny voice say "Thank you, Mommy, I you!" {Translation I love you!} The other little one stops to take a breath from his dinner and shines those huge blue eyes at me and gives a great big smile, milk dripping out the sides of his mouth.  Suddenly it doesn't seem so bad.  

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