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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Double digits!!

I passed the 10 sale mark today!! I actually jumped from 9 straight to 11, YAY! Things seem to be picking up now with the holidays. I'm not sure how, but I have had 6 sales in the last month, crazy! One sale was even a repeat customer who wanted additional scarves for her friends so that gives me faith that I'm putting out products that people really enjoy.

I was reading another blog post about that the other day (wish I remembered where..) that no matter how long you've been making and selling things there's always a little piece of you that freaks out and hopes the person on the receiving end doesn't think that your work is a piece of junk when they actually have it in front of them.

I know I'm still trying to find my way in the crafting field and can't seem to settle on a niche, but maybe I don't have to! If all I did was knit year round I think I'd really start to hate it. And so far I've sold 7 knitted items, 2 sets of cards, 1 set of bud vases, and 1 purse, so it seems like there is interest in a variety of my items. I definitely get a lot more hits on the knitted items, especially this time of year. They've also been the most popular hit to make it into treasuries too.

So we'll see where I go. I've got a few projects started. I managed to knit up 6 more dish cloths on the car ride home from Thanksgiving. I'm also working on drafting up my own version of recycled sweater mittens. I have pieces cut out and I'm hoping that I'll get lucky and they go together without a hitch. I'm working totally patternless on this one, just my own sketches. I'll try to get some pictures up tonight!

I do have a bunch of Christmas presents to get together in the remaining days before Christmas. Can I actually get it all done? If only my real job didn't get in the way of the fun things in life ... sigh ...

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TheresaJ said...


While fine tuning your expertise in one area is great, it's always fun to expore new mediums and keep the creative juices flowing. I used to be all over the place with my crafting, but then settled on jewelry quite a few years back. I had previously only dabbled in jewelry, amongst other things. However, I have been unemployed and have tons of time on my hands and my creative juices have been flowing like crazy and I've been stepping out of the box a bit -- needle felting, pressed flower pieces, and even baking! The first two have examples on my blog.

So, keep the creative juices flowing. You're obviously doing soemthing right! ♥


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