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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Featured ETTeam Member: Sagefox

As a proud member of the ETTeam I've decided to start featuring my fellow members and showcase their stores every Thursday. Our second installment is from Sagefox, who has some beautiful hand spun yarn if I do say so myself!

What’s the story behind your store, where did it all start?

I went to the PA Farm Show a few years ago..and it was love at first sight when I saw the angora rabbits. Next I fell in love with the alpacas on display. And then I watched the sheep to shawl competition and the rest is history LOL I came home and told my husband that I needed a sheep, a spinning wheel and a loom lol. A few weeks later I took a spinning class at the local fiber shop...and that summer the owner of the shop sold me a trio of fiber alpaca, a black rambouillet lamb and a baby angora goat. It's been over 2 years since they arrived and they bring me so much joy every day... the fiber, as it turns out, has only been icing on the cake :) I also raise english angora rabbits that keep me stocked up on luscious angora fiber.
What can we find in your store?
hand-dyed wool roving, handspun yarn, handwoven shawls, crocheted mittens/hats & other fiber gifts
Do you have any favorite items?
I think my favorite item to create is my handspun yarn with freshwater pearls plied into it. It's alot of fun to spin up and it also knits/crochets items that are truly one of a kind. My other favorite item in my shop right now is a hand-woven shawl named "Log Cabin". I love the earthy tones of the wool yarn and the fluff of the novelty accents.

Where do you get ideas for your products?
I love animals & usually I'll be thinking about somewhere we've visited or the latest critter that's past by and I'll start thinking about how the colors of a beach pebble or the stripes of a chipmunk could translate into a roving, yarn or shawl.
What has been your biggest store challenge?
Leaving the roving up for sale and not spinning it all up myself. Last week I went thru my entire inventory because I got a serious spinning bug lol.
Do you have any advice to other store owners, especially newbies?
RELAX! :D I hear so many people worrying about sales, prices, finding customers...and of course, everyone wants sales and wants to price fairly..but it shouldn't be a stressful process. Have fun, get your name out there and relax..if you do your best and offer your greatest work, the sales will come...and even if they don' amount of worrying will help! :D
So check out Sagefox and all of the other Etsy Treasury Team members next time you're hanging around Etsy.
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Jacqueline said...

Great feattured..i really enjoy reading. n_n

Lynn Hoyt said...

What an interesting interview! I loved that Sagefox looks to nature and translates what she sees into the beautiful creations she makes! A very lovely person and I'm so glad she's a member of etteam!
lynn (midnightcoiler)

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Great interview. :) I really love that yarn with the little freshwater pearls woven in. Very unique and beautiful. Thanks for letting us get to know our fellow team member a bit better, Laura. :c)

Shay said...

Happy Friday.

l'actrice said...

Wonderful to read about Stage Fox, how she got started and is now surrounded by quite some animals!!! Her art is beautiful! Nice to have met her!!!


TheresaJ said...

Great interview -- the yarn with pearls sounds lovely. Off to check out her shop!


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