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Friday, December 19, 2008

So snowy!!

So they just mentioned on the radio that, not including today's snow storm ... Chicago has already had 14 inches of snow and it's not even winter yet!! We have another foot coming today depending on if you're getting all snow, snow/sleet or snow/ice/rain. What a mess! I'm really glad I took the day off of work today. We had a big storm that hit right around 3 pm on Tuesday. My normal 25 minute commute took 1 hour and 45 minutes, which was nothing compared to some of the travel times out there. Ick.

So I'm thrilled to be at home today working on some top secret Christmas presents and hopefully working on a few store projects too. If all goes well I'll be out to lunch with a friend too. My hubby has his last final today (yay tax law???). So I'm looking forward to ordering Lou Malnati's and staying cozy with a movie tonight for sure. Sounds like a perfect day right??

Stay warm and safe in the crazy weather!

Until next time ...
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JuliaA said...

just thought i'd say hello--i was checking treasury west and saw your treasury title. immediately i had the MU rah-rah song in my head! and then i saw that it was marquette themed! :D

julia, MU 96 (eek)

l'actrice said...

Chicago is famous for really cold winters!
The snowy condition sounds really romantic, as long as one can stay indoors!!! We had a few days with some snow in Berlin, but this is rather rare!
Happy White Holidays for sure for you!!


The_Frustrated_Writer said...

Chicago is famous for being cold but it's great that you took the day off from work, staying home on a stormy day is the best!!


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