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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year ... New Me ... New Store

Ah yes New Years ... why is it that this one time every year everyone is motivated to do something new ... to do something better ... to be someone new??

I'm not sure why, but I enjoy the feeling and yes I do fall into that trap. So what's going to be new for me this year? I'm going to get in shape again (along with the rest of the world right?) So far I'm off on the right foot. I managed to make it to Spinning class today and actually rather enjoyed myself.

I also have some big goals for lamaworks. I would really like to do a craft fair this fall, so in order to gear up I'd like to come up with a few new designs each month or two and make maybe 10-15 of them in different colors. I'd love it if I could take the time to complete just a few projects each week and hopefully have enough stock for the fall. Although, I've been so swamped with sock orders lately (and would love many more!!) that I'm going to fall behind on the new stuff pretty soon.

So to start off the new year I am going to introduce you to each new design as it comes out. Yesterday the Triangle Road scarf was introduced. I was at a cozy yarn shop here in Evanston a few weeks ago with my mom (who frequently leaves comments on here hiding herself as Christine - thanks MOM!!) and they had this adorable scarf on display! Before we saw the pattern it looked like you made a bunch of triangles and hand sewed them each together. Oh no my friend! It's a series of increasing, decreasing and turning that makes this stunning scarf take life.

I bought the yarn and pattern on the spot and fell in love with it. I've been experimenting and have found a great variety of shaded transition yarns in various thicknesses of wool or wool blends that have been perfect. Yesterday the Purple Haze variety was the first to be listed and has beautiful shades of cobalt blue, deep purple and a deep brilliant red. To be coming out soon is also a red/orange version and also a pastel collection. Each scarf is a different fiber, width and length so keep an eye on that!

So check out the Purple Haze Triangle Road Scarf and let me know what you think!

Until next time ...
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kim* said...

i love the color sin the scarf they are so rich.

i really didnt plan to do anything "new" for 2009 totally uninspired to think but i did add vintage clothes to my shop and am going to do some new items that i didnt get to during dec*shrug*

SleightGirl said...

Great scarves! I was also looking through your shop, and I think your socks are fantastic!

esque said...

Very lovely scarves! Doing craft fairs is a great way to get exposure!


Lynn Hoyt said...

Laura, That's a really beautiful scarf! Best to you in 2009!
lynn (midnight)

Lama Works said...

awww thanks for the support everyone!

l'actrice said...

I adore the new Haze Triangle Road Scarf in your store! Colors are just beautiful!


Adorn Me jewelry said...

You know, I noticed this in your store, maybe yesterday? I adore the colors, and love the pattern. Beautiful, Laura. :c)

June Shin said...

Love the scarf! And craft fairs are fun, so good luck with that!

Esen said...

That really is a beautiful scarf, the colours are amazing and it looks so warm.


JodisCraftEmporium and More said...

that is a gorgeous scarf and the color of the scarf, might as well say speechless. The color is tooo beautiful to explain. Awesome work


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