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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Featured ETTeam Member: Brownbunnybyiris

It's Thursday again and time to feature another ETTeam member. This week we have Brownbunnybyiris. You just have to check out all of the super cute hats she has! Here's more about Iris!

What’s the story behind your store, where did it all start?

I'm actually a painter who likes to paint huge formats and needs a lot of space! On the other hand I'm very often on tour with my husband going from movie set to movie set. I can travel only with a suitcase and my art suffers. This are the times when I miss being creative!It was on one of these movie sets that I started creating my first hat. I got some fabric from the grip guys on the set, a material that is used mostly for blocking light. It is soft and black and makes actually nice hats!! It was not difficult for me since I've graduated from a fashion design school in Vienna, but for some reason always ignored this talent!But I have to add that I was always fascinated by hats. I really think hats are magical things. Wearing hats makes oneself feel in a very special way - it's a great way to express oneself by choosing this or that design.

What can we find in your store?

You find all sorts of hats. Ones you can easily wear everyday and then the others you just want to have to look very special for certain occasions,like parties, artist exhibitions, etc.I choose a different hat for every single day and enjoy it immensely. But I also see hats as protecting one, and not only from the elements.

Do you have any favorite items?

I actually love all my hats. But I love not only my hats. I'm just in love with hats in general!

Let me pick some favorites!

Where do you get ideas for your products?

I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me and makes an impression on me. That can be colors, sounds, textures, music, you name it! Then there's the constant wish to change, to surprise, having fun! Of course finding new pieces of vintage fabric or ribbons inspires me a lot. And not to forget all the people who can't wait to see my next creation. That's a thrill for me!!!

What has been your biggest store challenge?

My biggest challenge is that it takes so much time out of my life!!

Do you have any advice to other store owners, especially newbies?

First create only things you really enjoy. Do your best and let it be a magical act! Others will feel it! Forget about who might be your costumer. The right one will come and buy from you! But be patient! It might take longer than you think!!

So check out Brownbunnybyiris today and let her know what you think!
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niftyknits said...

I knew an interview with Iris would be interesting and I wasn't disappointed :-)

Fishstikks said...

What a wonderful interview!!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of it!

l'actrice said...

Thank you Laura for taking the time to do this interview with me:-) I enjoy your style a lot!
I'm already looking forward to read about the next featured artist:-)


l'actrice said...

Thanks for the cool comments:-)

TheresaJ said...

Interesting interview -- interesting and creaative hats!


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