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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm back!!

So it’s been quite awhile since I’ve done any updating. It’s been crazy busy around here lately.

So first off – date night with the cooking class was a lot of fun! I’m officially a huge fan of making crème brulee and can’t wait to get my own torch! My husband also got to start our cognac sauce on fire so that was definitely cool. But we met a few new friends and had a great time cooking!

Rehearsals for the Woman’s Club Benefit Show are moving right along! I’ve got rehearsals 3 nights a week now so it’s getting pretty busy. I’m still trying to throw together different pieces of my costumes and learning all of my dance routines.

Work is busy too. We just got done submitting a proposal to teach a course on gait analysis in children with spina bifida at a conference in AZ this fall. We have taught it the past few years, so hopefully we’ll make it in again. Lots of cute kids to see at work and a few that I can’t wait to send home :)

I also took part in a yarn swap with the EtsyKnitters group and got a big box of glittery, colorful mohair and acrylic blend. I’ve been busy knitting up some very lacy and delicate drop stitch scarves because I think the yarn just lends itself beautifully to the pattern. Look for those to be coming out soon!

With having so many sales this month I decided to splurge on one some new display options which should come in handy not only for pictures, but for craft shows as well. I found a great dress form on a wooden stand and some mannequin feet both on eBay that should be arriving in the next few days, so keep an eye out for new pictures and new products as well!!

Have a great weekend!

Until the next time ..
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