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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Sock Plan!

So needless to say I haven't exactly put a lot of time into promoting the shop much since Christmas, but things are slow but moving if that makes any sense! I’ve had 12 sales since Christmas which is huge! 7 of those have been sock orders so instead of making new things for the store I’ve been making tons of custom socks! Because of that I’m starting a new sock policy.

Since I’d like to do a craft show this fall, I should be stocking up on things right? So on that note, I am going to offer two types of socks – custom socks that will be priced a little higher, and ready made socks priced a bit lower. I’m going to make standard S, M, L sized socks. If I have it already made and in stock you get it cheaper. If you absolutely have to have it fit for you specifically or I don’t have something in stock, the custom order will cost a bit more. I think this is a great way for me to both have products that are ready for me to ship and to give me more time to create new things and not always feel behind.

Through all the sock orders I’ve also found a great new sock yarn that I will be switching to, probably exclusively! It’s one of my favorite knitting websites: KnitPicks. I got their modular needle set awhile back and got the smallest DPN set for socks for Christmas. I needed black sock yarn for a custom order so decided to try theirs out and I loved it so much! It’s a merino wool/nylon blend and it comes in such great colors, even really fun striped patterns! I also picked up a sampler of their other wools and have really enjoyed those as well. They are very reasonably priced and all orders over $50 have free shipping!

Here are some of the new additions to my collection:

What do you think??

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