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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cake Decorating 101

It seems like I have been talking about wanting to learn how to decorate cakes for years now. Growing up my mom always made us these fabulous birthday cakes that were always way better than the store bought variety and were always unique to whatever we liked at that moment in time. I've been eyeing up the Wilton cake decorating classes offered at my local Michael's and JoAnns for awhile now and there has always been some reason why I couldn't take the class. Not anymore! I've had it with excuses so I finally signed up!

I started my first class this past week and can't wait to get going! In the first class we learned how to make proper buttercream frosting (sans butter) and how to get the right consistency for different types of flowers. We learned how to layer the cake with an awesome Wilton cake leveler device and how to fill it without your filling ooze out the edges. She also showed us how to get a base layer of frosting on and a little bit on the different types of bag and tip options we have.

Unfortunately our teacher is having foot surgery and has canceled class for 2 weeks, so I decided to try a cake on my own. Keep in mind that this is without any actual instruction and with me making it up as I go along which is always fun :) Who needs directions right??

Happy cake eating!
Until the next time ...
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Diary of a Young Designer said...

OMG! it looks great! I couldn't decorate a cake for peanuts! (I'll eat the frosting before the cake is done, lol)


Felix and Jayne said...

The flowers are beautiful! That cake looks yummy!

maudlin~*~maudlin said...

What a beautiful cake! Good job!

Mom said...

Wow, you are something else. Your cake looks great. I know who is making my birthday cake next year.....

Angela said...

I took a cake decorating class a couple of years ago and it was SO much fun! We didn't learn flowers though...(boo!) You will love it and have so much fun!


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