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Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Update!

I told my husband that I keep waiting for pregnancy to be blissful. I want the “glow” you know? Between the heartburn, the hurling, and the aversion to raw meat (which makes it really difficult for one to cook ..) it has so far definitely been far from blissful.

Last week changed that a lot – I started to feel the baby move! I was just over 14 weeks when I felt the first few flutters of movement and I must say it’s pretty cool :) It’s not often, but I usually feel it every day and it almost always makes me laugh because it tickles so much. It definitely makes pregnancy a little more blissful than the first few months have been.

On other news I’m craving fruit like you wouldn’t believe. It started very innocently with me eating a few apples and clementines a day. Now I have moved on to melons. I’m not exactly proud of it but on more than one occasion I have eaten half of a melon. That includes but may not be limited to both cantaloupe and watermelon. Last night my husband got sick of cutting up melons so he literally gave me half of a cantaloupe and a melon baller which I used as a spoon. I will not be ashamed – there is nothing wrong with fruit. I do of course have the occasional Oreo and Chex Mix binge, but I’m definitely all about the fruit. Having a girl maybe???

To all you moms – what did you crave when you were pregnant??

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1 comment:

Kim's Crafty Apple said...

you could be craving worse things. I wouldn't worry too much about over-eating on fruit :)

I craved fruit smoothies with Mercedi - no recalling anything with Capri...


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