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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kicking it up a notch

If you follow me on Facebook you have no doubt been following along with my “big news coming!” messages.  I’ve been researching a new direction for LamaWorks for awhile now.  I struggle with finding a streamlined, concise vision for the store.  I think I’m at a point with both the shop and my life that I really want to turn this into a serious business.  Make a name for myself and really bring in an income for the family.  So what did I come up with?

You are looking at a girl that is now an official Dealer and Designer for Envelopments.  Never heard of Envelopments?  Open up a copy of the Knot magazine

Envelopments Original Artwork © 2010 Envelopments, Inc.

or maybe Martha Stewart Wedding

Envelopments Original Artwork © 2010 Envelopments, Inc.

or maybe you’ve seen them on the Today show when they have wedding segments.

Envelopments is an invitation company that allows me to sell not only their designs, but gives me 231 different paper colors in over 90 different shapes, plus hundreds of coordinating graphics to make my own designs. 

Envelopments Original Artwork © 2010 Envelopments, Inc.

It also allows me to sell invitations to every type of bride imaginable.  Are you the DIY type?  Just purchase the paper from me, you do all the work!  Do you want to be DIY but hate the idea of formatting and printing everything?  Pay a little bit more and I’ll print and cut everything and leave it to you to assemble.  You don’t want anything to do with making invitations, you just want to send them?  I’ll do the whole thing for you!

I’m also looking forward to meeting with clients in town – so if you live in the Quincy, Il area, I’m your girl!  I’ll get a complete design book that displays the different paper and graphics options.  We can pull each piece out and see how things look together and build it to anything you can imagine! 

For now I’m going to start things slow.  Convert all the products I have currently in the shop to new colors and new prices and then work my way up to new designs.  I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have my very own non Etsy website where you can design your invitation right there. 

My goal is to keep you posted each step of the way with new designs, updates to my Etsy shop and hopefully a new website! 

First up in the design category – Graduation party invitations!

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