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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I must confess...

I am addicted to the Twilight book series!!

Yes ... I'm a 28 year old grown woman who has been making secret trips to the "Teen Loft" at the Evanston Public Library to scour the shelves for the next book in the teen vampire drama series Twilight.

I can't put them down! I read over my lunch break ... at night .. the weekends ... any spare time I have! I got New Moon (book #2) last week Wednesday and finished the 500 plus page book by Sunday morning. It was so bad that on our drive home from Milwaukee last Saturday night I was reading by the light of my cell phone.

They are just so fantastic though! Full of action, romance, passion, friendship, heartache. I think the best part is that each book tells you part of a story, but not enough to tell you the whole story so that you absolutely must go out the next day and get the next book.

Teen story or not, this adult is now well on her way to finishing Eclipse, quite possibly by the end of the weekend :)

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June Shin said...

I loved the series too! I think the last one was my favorite. Happy Reading!

missbmckay said...

We're not over the Twilight obsession at our house either. My daughter and i both got into it. Now she has just finished "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer as well. I must admit, even after reading, I'm still "Team Jeremy"(my husban;o)


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