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Friday, July 24, 2009

Customer Service?? Really??

I kid you not, I actually had the following conversation this morning. My husband and I accepted on offer on our house yesterday so pending a good inspection and anything else that might come up, we are all set to move down to Quincy September 1st! We are thinking of using U-Haul's U Boxes to move. They move a portable storage unit into your driveway, you load it up, the take it away and store it until you move into your new place, where they will deliver the boxes back for you to unload.

Sounds great! The problem is that Quincy is outside of their service area. So I thought I'd ask about it! I found a great online chat link on their website to talk with a service rep live - cool! No joke, here is the conversation we had:

You asked: We are moving from Evanston, IL to Quincy, IL (a few hours north of St. Louis). We will need to store most of our belongings for a month or two between the close date of one house and the next and would like to use your U Box system. can we do this?

[Katy - customer service rep]: Yes

[Laura]: that's great! How would that work exactly?

[Katy]: check

[Laura]: I guess my actual question is, Quincy is not within the service areas marked, would our belongings be stored in St. Louis and then delivered to us in Quincy when we need it?

[Katy]: Please check the website link for further assistance

[Laura]: that's why I came here to talk with someone for further assistance, the website link didn't help me

[Katy]: We do not handle this type of request

[Laura]: You're customer support, but you don't answer questions?

[Katy]: We provide information

[Laura]: you actually haven't provided me with any information I didn't already have

[Katy]: you need to go to the link provided

[Laura]: I did, it didn't help

[Katy]: go to

[Laura]: I had questions, so I contacted customer support, that's you. Worst customer support ever

And I got mad and left. How helpful was that??

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TMCPhoto said...

As a person with a background in customer service I am shocked. Obviously this person has very little knowledge of the services that her employer provides. To keep directing you to the website is what is done when you are clueless. I'd call and ask to speak to a manager, make a formal complaint and get them to answer your questions. Make sure to name names and offer to email the conversation to them. I know that I would have had my tush in a sling had I handled a customer request like that.

Vic at Careford Creations said...

Oh dear. It's really frustrating when you get someone like that, but on the other hand, when you get someone really helpful it can make your day!

Snowbell said...

Very frustrating - as frustrating as calling a customer and 'talking' to a computer... Good luck!

Beth said...

Almost sounds like it was a bot and not an actual person... I would definitely call U-Haul corporate offices and report what happened. That's some serious bull.


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