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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cake Decorating Course 1 ... the final!

The final class in course one was to take all of the work we've put into making roses and make a spray of roses on our cake! I had a slight coloring mishap with my frosting this time. I really wanted raspberry colored roses so I mixed together some red and pink and it just turned into a neon pink color. I tried to fix it by adding some purple to darken it a bit and came up with the color you see below.

Upon mixing up the color, my husband (whom assures me that he loves me unconditionally) said and I quote "Wow, that looks like dog poo after he ate a purple crayon"

What???? I have no idea, I think his dog when he was growing up ate a crayon so he has experience in this area .... I just gave him a very blank stare as we all should. I called it mauve. He insists that mauve isn't even a real color.

Either way, I think the roses turned out a very pretty shade of purple. I had a lot of issues this week with my frosting consistency. It's always either too think or too thin and I just can't seem to get the hang of when it is just right. Some day though right?

So here is the final cake:

We also learned how to add on a shell border and some sweet peas mixed in!

So it definitely gives me something to work with right? Many more cakes to come!

Until the next time ...
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The Great Ethan Allen said...

That looks Awesome! Decorating cakes like that is fun, but we ended up eating a lot of our mistakes. Kinda made me sick of cake for a year or two after...But what Fun!

Mom said...

I think it looks great. Hubby maybe is a little color blind. You think?


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