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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Kitchen Needs Help!

We moved into our home about 2 years ago.  It was my husband’s grandfather’s house.  We didn’t really intend on staying more than a few months until we found a place of our own, but once you move into a place and get settled, who wants to move?  It definitely needed major updates.  Most things hadn’t been updated since the early 80’s.  We actually found a picture of the “new kitchen” from 1983 … it actually predates the hubby. It’s now 2011 and we still have the same wallpaper, linoleum floors, cabinets, counters, backsplash, and yes – even the same microwave.  It’s a fabulous space, but it just needs a little love.

While we did replace the microwave and dishwasher when short stuff was born, that was where we stopped.  Did we really want to put the work and money into it?  We have been putting it off, but are finally taking the plunge!  We don’t have a lot of money, and lets face it – we love a good DIY challenge, so we are going to attempt to refinish it on our own.  I’ll admit that I’m also a bit stubborn about home improvement.  I’m pretty delusional about it. See, I grew up with a dad that did everything.  He wanted to put a skylight in?  He cut a hole in the ceiling, and it was there!  He wanted to create a cathedral ceiling?  He just busted through the drywall, reframed it and poof!  I am finally starting to realize (now that I’m 30), that not all men are that handy.  In fact, most families probably hire people to do these projects.  The hubby is still in trouble though because I believe that we can do it.  We watch enough HGTV and isn’t that why there are YouTube videos for everything??

There is a lot to do so we started off by making a list of all of the projects and then breaking them down into manageable weekend projects. We think we can get our updates done in just 6 weekends.  6 total weekends, not consecutive.  We never use a credit card, so things will happen when the budget allows. 

Here’s what our kitchen looks like now (OK almost now … I didn’t get pictures in before we replaced the really outdated light fixture, so you get a sneak peak of weekend 1!)


Outdated cabinet handles, grimy, sticky cabinets, and a backsplash that is the same outdated laminate as the counter top.


We still aren’t sure why there is partially painted pegboard behind the stove …


Oh, the lovely backsplash and the grimy cabinets and sticky drawers.


Another lovely pegboard wall, the handy dandy trash compactor, and the sticky linoleum floors.

dining and luke

The lovely gold light fixture (and our dog Luke!) – that’s my sunroom/office in the background!


The back door, a bank of cabinets.


The blue striped wallpaper is actually kind of neat, but it’s peeling up and is full of stains and 30 years of kitchen grease.

A lot of work?  Yes.  Expensive?  We hope not.  The goal is to spend around $1500 (hopefully less).  That’s right.  A total kitchen makeover for $1500 or less. I feel like I’m on Design on a Dime!  With a little creativity and some sweat … I think it might just come together!

Stay tuned for projects as we go!  What remodeling projects are you tackling?

Until the next time…
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