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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What you need to know about the girl behind the lama

I have 126 followers.  Crazy right?  Blogger tells me that I’ve had 344 page views in the last month (!!!!!).  Blogger also tells me that the most visited page in the last week has been “About Me”.  That’s a brand new page and I am so glad that you want to get to know me!  So here’s a post all about me and the things you might want to know!

My name is Laura.  I am 30 years old.  Married.  Mother to one adorable almost 10 month old (see picture for proof of cuteness).


I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – land of cheese and beer! This means that I’m an avid Packer fan, a cheese snob, and I like snow.  I say “I know, eh?” a lot.  I use the word bubbler (although I’m a little self conscious about it now that I live in Illinois).    I speak unnaturally fast.

Growing up I loved to do crafts with my mom.  I took knitting lessons and went to sewing classes.  I was a dancer until it got in the way of my dreams of being an Olympic swimmer (OK, I really just wanted to make Varsity …). 

I have always been a bit of a math nerd.  Yep, I was on the math team in high school (cool right?).  I actually enjoyed calculus.  This turned me to engineering as I started college.  I graduated from Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI with both a bachelors and masters degree in biomedical engineering. What’s that you say?  It really sounds scarier than it is.  I’m really a mechanical engineer with a minor in biology.  During school I spent some time working for a company designing artificial joints – shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers.  During grad school I designed gaming devices for use in arm rehabilitation (think early Wii Fit type stuff).  After grad school I worked at a children’s hospital helping doctors understand walking patterns in children with disabilities. 

I started selling on Etsy in 2008 after our wedding.  My husband was still in law school (read – he was busy) and I had gone into crafting withdrawal.  One thing lead to another and POOF Lama Works was born!  What’s with the name?  It’s not llama … like the animal (which I’ve heard numerous times).   First name LAura … last name MAys … put the two together and you get Lama! 

OK enough about Etsy, that’s old news that you probably already know.  What else might you not know?

I love, love, love to cook.  I make most things from scratch because we just don’t like processed foods anymore.  Not everything, but most sauces at least.  While I love to cook, I really don’t like to bake.  I don’t have the patience to measure things so they never turn out quite right. 

I like to garden.  I usually grow mostly tomatoes because I love making my own spaghetti sauce.  I also usually have peas, lettuce, zucchini, onions and tons of herbs.  I have more oregano than I will ever know what to do with.

I’m also super musical.  Growing up I learned to play the piano, violin, flute, piccolo and trombone.  I still play the flute almost weekly in some musical group or another.  I still play the piano quite a bit, but just for fun.  I met the Mr. playing in the band in college (awwwwww).  I am truly blessed that I have someone that will hum along (usually in harmony) pep band music when we are watching a Marquette basketball game. Even with the addition of the little Mr. we still play in our community band once a week and are in the church choir together.

I’m a super positive person and I try to live to make the best of each and every day.  I once went to an interview and (after giving me the job) told me that they thought that I was a bit fake because no one could be that happy and excited about life.  Once they got to know me they realized that indeed someone can be genuinely that happy and excited.  My glass is always half full and I try to see the best in everyone. 

I’m a bit shy, especially in big groups, but if you get to know me I can be pretty goofy. 

I love being a mom.  I love being a work at home mom and do not regret giving up my day job.  I’m proud to be a cloth diapering mom.  I make almost all of our baby food.  I sing “The Wheels on the Bus” a LOT.  I refuse to read him “I’ll Love You Forever” because I can never read it without crying. 

So that’s a lot about me.  Is there anything else you want to know?  I’m an open book!


Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Until the next time…
The girl behind the Lama

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1 comment:

Melissa Lynn D said...

We've got a lot in common! :)
I'm 28, married, grew up in Minnesota (though I despise snow!), I did lots of crafts with my mom, loved math, love to cook but not bake, I garden, play piano, am involved with our church's worship band... lots of similarities! :)
Nice to get to know you better. :)


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