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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Great Kitchen Facelift–Midweek Project

Well, it wasn’t a planned for us to have a midweek project last week, but you really find yourself looking for things to do when the power goes out for a full 48 hours.  Yep, it was pretty bad around here for a few days.  We had an storm roll through last Sunday night that took everyone by surprise.  We didn’t even have a severe storm warning let alone tornado sirens that we *think* probably should have gone off. 

There was no confirmed tornado, but it sure was the scariest storm I’ve ever been in. We woke up at 12:30 and there was scary lightning and rain.  The power flashed a few times and then just went out. We checked the Mr’s phone for text message weather alerts and had nothing.  I went to the other side of the house to get my cell and check Weatherbug alerts on my phone and there was nothing.  The wind was just howling and did sound a bit like a freight train.  It was a very eerie color and just flat out scary.  We were debating whether or not we should head to the basement when we heard a tree limb crash down on top of our bedroom.  We freaked out for a minute or two and then everything just died down. 

In hindsight, we should have made a run for the basement.  When morning finally came the devastation around town was pretty bad.  Trees uprooted and snapped everywhere.  I don’t think there were any city blocks that were spared.  It seemed everyone was safe and there weren’t too many that had total losses, but it was definitely an adventure driving around.  About 30,000 of the 40,000 residents were without power.  Lucky enough though, the main strip of restaurants and fast food joints did have power – yay for food!

Most people had power within 48 hours, including ourselves.  We were also incredibly lucky that our wonderful neighbors had a generator and let us plug in our fridge and freezer so we didn’t lose too much food.  Can you imagine all of my freezer meals, baby food and everything I purchased at the grocery store just the day before gone?  We are truly blessed.

So anyway, without any form of entertainment and a half charged Nook I looked for other things to do – like paint the kitchen!  I’m going for something bright and cheery.  Yellow to be exact.  We have two lovely table runners that we received as wedding presents that I wanted to be the compliment colors of the room.


I picked up about 50 different paint swatches and we hung them all and analyzed the colors and finally decided on “Pad of Butter”.  We primed over all of the green and got the paint all up during the daylight hours those two days.


This is actually a better shot of what the room looks like now. I think I had better light when I took the picture.  Don’t mind the disaster that is the kitchen table.   We were working on the counters when I took this picture.

IMG_5555      IMG_5629

Quite the change right??  I’m not totally in love with the color.  It’s a little more lemon creamsicle than pad of butter.  I think I wanted something a little warmer and a little less bright.  I’m going to give it a shot though and hopefully once we change the floors and counters out I’ll love it.  We are also going to try a second coat of paint.  I feel like it’s pulling a bit of the green from the original pint through (not cool!).  So we’re hoping that second coat will do the trick! 

So that was our midweek paint adventure.  Total cost:


$12.95 for the primer and $20.98 for the paint.  We already had rollers, paint trays and painters tape on hand. 

This brings the grand total of 2.5 weeks worth of projects to $213.00.

Ah, I feel better about the kitchen already!

Until the next time …
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