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Saturday, April 25, 2009

How's it going??

Lots going on these days! My husband officially finishes law school next week and graduates 3 weeks from tomorrow - YAY!!! So what's next for us??? We're not quite sure yet, but it does look like we are putting our house up on the market, hopefully within the next week or two! He does have a job offer, but it's not anywhere near our lovely home in Evanston. He won't officially be licensed until this fall so the plan is to keep looking for a job here, but also to try and sell the house in case we decide that we want to move to Quincy. So there's been a lot of cleaning and staging going on in our house these days.

It's given me a great opportunity to organize all of my crafting supplies which I think I do every few months it seems. I'll post pictures when I'm completely organized :)

Vacation is also coming up in just a few weeks. After graduation we are going to Lake Geneva for a few days to celebrate not only the end of school in our lives, but also our 1st wedding anniversary! Can you believe it's already been one year?? This week I was packing up an order of bud vases for a bride and thinking about the headache I had from making my own just a year ago. It's much easier to make them now, especially when I know that someone is paying for them.

I'm also hoping to get out in my garden if it ever stops raining!! I am so excited to see all of my spring flowers happy and blooming! I just noticed the purple tulips are up - sniff, sniff - flowers we had at our wedding. All of the hydrangeas are out now too, which yes, also gets me weepy and thinking about our wedding day.

So it's been a good spring thus far! New adventures on the horizon!!

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Samantha said...

Congratulations to your husband, what a big step! And that's such a lovely wedding picture. :)

Cherry Tart Design said...

Tell your hubby congrats! Hope the house selling/hunting goes well for you!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Good luck with everything and onwards to new adventures:) How exciting.


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