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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Never Ending World of Boxes

The packing has started! I must say that this weekend has brought on a new phase in the "Moving to Quincy!" chapter of life. We were away in Quincy this past week for a variety of things and are happy to be "home" even though we had to leave behind "home" if that makes sense. Yesterday we woke up and started talking about plans for the weekend and both came to the same conclusion .... "Oh my God we're moving in 2 weeks!!"

2 weeks!!!

Just 2!!!

Thankfully my husband loves me more than anything and would move the moon for me if it would make me smile. We have struck up a deal that he will do 90% of the packing and I'll do 90% of the unpacking. It seems like a pretty fair deal to me. Right now I am still working full time and he is not working or studying at all anymore and when we get to Quincy he will be working full time and I will be left to sort through our things, cook dinner and well ... unpack and organize us.

Really we are sticking with each other's strengths. I have packing ADD. I hate packing. I'm slow. Things never fit right in boxes. Boxes get heavy and I get hot and sweaty. But once we are moved I am going to go crazy when I realize that my entire life has been stuffed into what I hope are properly labeled boxes, yet I still can't find anything and my spice rack is no longer alphabetized. I am an organization nut. I'm not always organized, but I like the act of organizing itself and usually work like a mad woman until an organizing project is complete - much against my packing woes.

In fact I should be packing right now. But I'm not. I'm trying to find all sorts of excuses. True, I did pack up all my material and sewing supplies (very sad, but true) along with a box of old photos (which I didn't even pause to look through!). But here I am trying to decide if I should make cupcakes ... which movie we should see this weekend ... and refreshing my mailbox to see if any orders have come in. Yep, I'm desperate.

So the move continues! We are really excited to start a new adventure, even if there will be some bumps along the way.

Until the next time,
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Almost Precious said...

Moving is quite a chore, not many can say it's high on their list of favorite things to do. Wish you the best of luck on your move, may it go smoothly and may nothing get broken or damaged, and may you settle into your new home quickly.

Ieva said...

i love your blog name :) lama, haha:)


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