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Monday, August 24, 2009

Things not to miss ...

Since we sold our house I've been thinking a lot about what is to come. I won't lie, moving is a scary thing, but only because it's new I think. I'm not particularly fond of living in Chicago. I came to Chicago for the job and that was it. So now that I don't like the job anymore, getting out of the city I don't love should be a good thing right?

Things I won't miss:
1. Parking on the street - I refuse to pay $3.50 to park in the garage at work every single day so I trudge around Lincoln Park trying to wedge my car into a tiny spot every single morning. My bumper is scratched beyond belief probably from both myself and others trying to park and let's not forget the big scratch along the side of my car where someone clearly didn't quite fit while driving through. When I first moved here and parked on the street after a weekend in Milwaukee it could take me 45 minutes just to find a spot on the street. All this ties into ...
---I could park a boat in the street spots in Quincy

2. Astronomical parking fees - $6 an hour to park at meters in Chicago now! Even in Evanston I have to pay $1.25 an hour just to go to the library! When I lived in the city, I got so fed up with trying to park my car that I just stopped using it. This lead to me not seeing the big orange "Street Cleaning" signs they would put up on random weeks and a few $50 parking tickets. Eventually I found a "cheap" parking spot in a lot for $120 a month. A spot mind you that wasn't guaranteed, so during a Cubs game I would often have to park on the street yet again. Unless you can get your parking waved you have to pay to go to the Farmer's Market, the movies and even the mall and let's not forget $30 to park downtown to see a show.
---They don't have parking meters in Quincy!

3. Traffic - need I say more? I'm pretty sure it takes me at least 20 minutes to get anywhere local, we leave at least an hour to an hour and a half to get anywhere significantly far away. 30 minutes to and from work every day plus the time it takes to park and don't forget to add Cubs traffic into that. Have you ever seen a traffic report around here?? It takes up a significant portion of the morning news ...
---Traffic reports?? Is there traffic in Quincy?

4. Neighbors practically in my yard - Our lot in Evanston is 40 feet wide. Just 40. That means that our house is only 25 feet wide and that my neighbors house is only about 10 feet from my own. While it is a lot more privacy that a condo downtown and no one lives above and below me, and my dog does have a patch of grass to run around in ... we desperately want to have a bit more privacy than that.
---Looking at houses on 1/2 an acre in Quincy :)

5. Taxis - they are everywhere! Cutting me off, slowing up traffic, yelling ....
---Do they have a need for taxis in Quincy?

6. Buses and trains - they are loud, and they smell and again add to traffic delays.
---I think there is a bus in Quincy and a train that takes you to Chicago ... not much else!

7. General hostility - I have found living in the city that people can be very self absorbed. Everyone is on a cell phone and in a hurry to get somewhere. People swear and honk at me on a regular basis and I've found that this rubs off! I have never had road rage before and here I am honking at people. It's not necessary and really just raises your blood pressure.
--- People want to know about you in Quincy. I may not even know the cashier in the store, but she asks me how my day is and opens up a genuine conversation. People stop to chat and are even friendly.

I think that's it for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more as I ponder the move this week. My last week at work and not a whole lot going on. Lots of time to think ... and blog :)

Until the next time ..
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Sharon said...

I hear what you're saying about big city life! If I lived in Illinois again, I think it would be in Galena.

Alicia Istanbul said...

Good luck with your move. I'm a city girl myself, but I see the bright side of living in a calmer, slower paced town :)

Vicki said...

We've never lived in a big city so I can't imagine the business. We do have to drive 16 miles to the nearest decent grocery store, but that's okay with me:)

Happy moving!


Vicki said...


It's Monday :(


Gallery32 said...

Your blog is lovely. Good luck with your move and enjoy not living in a big city :)

Laura said...

I will admit, it took me awhile to get used to not living in St. Louis. (There are still some things about St. Louis/living in a big city that I miss.) But yes, it is great being out of a big city.
Yesterday I was walking back from lunch and I said hello to someone walking down the street. The girl I was with (who lived in St. Louis her whole life until two weeks ago) asked me how I knew him. I responded, "Oh I don't! I just thought I'd say hi." It was great:)
Good luck with the move! I think it's great that you are continuing with your store and doing what you love!


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