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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Carry On Campaign

Those who battle cancer with every waking day know that they're on a journey that they can't turn back from. And there are no shortcuts. They face the reality of the disease with every day. Even survivors have to endure regular check-ups to ensure that the cancer has not returned or that there is not threat of it returning.

Such determination and effort on their part can be inspiration to the rest of us. We can fight the fight against cancer in every day of our lives through the Carry On Campaign. Those of us that have gone to a Concert For Life have started our own relationship with the American Cancer Society and the Carry On Campaign gives us a way to expand upon that relationship.

"My heart has settled on the fact that we could carry on. So look around, turn around and see." (Falling in Love)

For more information on the Carry On Campaign or to listen to Falling in Love, go to
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