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Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Weekend!

I forgot to blog about it, but I managed to survive my super busy week at work and successfully pulled off another Visiting Professor Lecturship and learned quite a bit about new happenings in the world of 3D motion analysis in the pediatric orthopedic world.

We celebrated the event with a fantastic dinner at Texas de Brazil, a new restraunt here in Chicago. What a cool place to eat! It's definitely a new twist on a buffet dinner. There is a more traditional buffet with salads, rice and beans, soup, cheeses, meats, bread, potatoes, you name it.
Behind the buffet was this incredible wall, 2 stories tall, full of wine. It's more of a room of wine, encased in glass. Up at the top?? A girl ... in a harness ... doing acrobatics around the wine room. Flipping around, dancing up and down the walls, moving across from one side to the other efortlessly. She may have been actually getting bottles of wine, but regardless, so incredibly cool!

Dinner itself is literally meat on a stick. Waiters walk around with big swords (yes they call them swords) of all sorts of grilled meat ... filet, chicken, lamb, pork. They literally bring the sword to your plate and slice a hunk off for you. So good! I highly recommend it to anyone near a chain.

So now hopefully I can get back to the buisness of the store. I started working on some Christmas cards this week (to be posted soon!). I also finished up another bambo skinny scarf and another pair of socks. Stay tuned for new project updates! Check the store for updates! And don't forget about free shipping to all my blog readers.
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