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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's the small things in life ...

I would not even hesitate to say that I am one of those people that gets a lot of joy out of the little things in life. The smallest things make me happier than a kid in a candy store. I get all teary when my husband comes home from work with a bouquet of flowers. I'm on cloud nine when I go to the fabric store or the scrapbooking store and I suddenly have millions of ideas for projects.

Over the summer I literally bounced up and down every time a plant my garden had a new fruit on it. Sunday ... game day ... don't even get my started on the Packers. While we're on the topic of Sunday ... I play the flute with our choir and the last few weeks we've been using a mass setting that we used in college and every time we play it I can hardly sit still because it's that music that brings back so many happy memories. Actually, we opened mass this past weekend with the song that we opened our wedding with just a few months ago, and yes ... I got all weepy then too.

And let's not forget the adventures in spaghetti sauce post ...

So what made my day yesterday? Two things. First it was the video of one of our patients from last week. By far the smallest, cutest, sweetest 5 year old I've ever met. She had one of those infectious giggles that just brightens your day. Then I came home from work to find a box with my name on it. What was in said box? Oh yes, it was 50 boxes for me to package my stationary in!!

Nerdy? Yes. So why was I so overjoyed? To me this was kind of the first big step for lama works. It's official packaging. It's not a box I made origami style out of card stock. It's not just a ribbon tied around something. It's an official box that I can decorate with an official logo and sell a product that looks like it belongs on a store shelf.

Now I just need to make 50 sets of stationary :) Check out my new post with the new packaging!

What's next on my list?? Finding labels that I can sew into my knitted products and deciding on my official logo.

Until next time ...
the girl behind the lama

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