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Friday, October 10, 2008

New Feature - Happy Half Price Friday!

I may start work at 7 am Monday through Thursday, but it's all worth it when I finally get to Friday and only have to work from 8 until noon. Happy half day Friday indeed :)

In honor of my favorite day of the week, I'm starting a new promotion! Every Friday I will be featuring one item in my store for half price, available only to those of you that read my blog.

Today's featured item:

Set of 15 Daisy Note Cards

Just send me a conversation in Etsy that you saw my blog and would like to take advantage of today's Half Price Friday offer and I'll change the price and reserve the post for you.
Keep an eye out for new posts and features coming up soon! Don't forget to drop your Entrecard in my box for free advertisement of your blog!
Until next time ...
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MaryMarsh said...

What an adorable set of notecards! So cute!! Check out my blog! I do Saturday Specials!

kim* said...

yay for half day!

Ruby-Jo said...

Great promo idea and cute notecards.


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