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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's it worth to you?

I'm a busy woman, and to be honest I like it that way. I always have to be doing something ... be it working or cooking or reading or quilting ... I just have a need to be doing something productive. I frequently tell my husband that I need a purpose in my day. Lazy is rarely a word used to describe any given day.

I was thinking about that today as I logged into PeaPod to do my weekly grocery shopping. PeaPod is an online grocery shopping service. You log in ... type in your grocery list ... make your selection ... pick your delivery time ... and you're done. The next day, the wonderful delivery man brings them right into your kitchen for you. Or even better, leaves them all at my door so they are waiting for me when I get home. All refrigerated items are stored in a cooler with dry ice. How much better does it get?

Every now and then I do have a twinge of guilt, because really ... grocery shopping is one of the easiest chores around. But then I got to thinking, why feel guilty???

It's one nice thing in life that is totally worth it to me. Here's why:
1. I don't have to fight with throngs of people at the store on Saturday morning, instead I can spend an extra hour with my cup of coffee and a book
2. I can still use coupons
3. Most of the time I have a PeaPod coupon code that negates the shipping charge
4. I get to sort every product by unit price so I'm getting the best deal
5. I'm not tempted to buy all of the things that aren't on my list but look so good
6. It forces me to meal plan for the week
7. I can add things to my saved list online throughout the week as I think of things
8. I don't have to fight a blizzard to get my food
9. It just makes me happy

So yes, lazy as it may seem ... my time and effort are so much better spent on other things. I think it's also decreased my stress levels (our grocery store is out of control some days). I've been actually following our grocery spending since June and since we started PeaPod in August, we've spent much less.

What's your time worth to you? What small luxuries in life to you take advantage of just because you can and because it makes you happy?

Until next time ...
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